2015 NSW Cup draw

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2015 NSW Cup draw

Post by greeneyed » January 4, 2015, 12:23 pm

2015 NSW Cup draw

Round 1
Newcastle vs Warriors Hunter Stadium Saturday 7th March 2:10pm
Newtown vs Wests Tigers Henson Park Saturday 7th March 3:00pm
Wyong vs Manly Morrie Breen Oval Saturday 7th March 3.00pm
Mounties vs Illawarra Aubrey Keech Reserve Saturday 7th March 3.00pm
Penrith vs Canterbury Sportingbet Stadium Sunday 8th March 1.45pm
Wentworthville vs North Sydney Ringrose Park Sunday 8th March 3.00pm

Round 2
Warriors vs Canterbury Mount Smart No 2 Saturday 14th March 1.00pm NZ Time
Penrith vs North Sydney Carrington Park Bathurst Saturday 14th March 2.15pm
Illawarra vs Manly Win Stadium Saturday 14th March 3.00pm
Wyong vs Mounties Morrie Breen Oval Saturday 14th March 3.00pm
Wests Tigers vs Wentworthville Leichhardt Oval Saturday 14th March 3.00pm
Newcastle vs Newtown Cessnock Sports Grd Saturday 14th March 3.00pm

Round 3
Warriors vs Wentworthville Mt Smart Stadium Saturday 21st March 2.45pm NZ time
Penrith vs Newtown Sportingbet Stadium Saturday 21st March 3.00pm
Mounties vs Manly Aubrey Keech Reserve Saturday 21st March 3.00pm
Wests Tigers vs Canterbury Leichhardt Oval Saturday 21st March 3.00pm
Wyong vs Newcastle Morrie Breen Oval Saturday 21st March 3.00pm
Illawarra Vs North Sydney Win Stadium Saturday 21st March 3.00pm

Round 4
Newcastle vs Penrith Hunter Stadium Saturday 28th March 12.45pm
Wests Tigers vs Mounties Leichhardt Oval Saturday 28th March 3.00pm
Canterbury vs Wyong Belmore Sports Grd Saturday 28th March 3.00pm
Newtown vs Manly Henson Park Saturday 28th March 3.00pm
Warriors vs North Sydney Mount Smart No 2 Saturday 28th March 3.00pm NZ time
Wentworthville vs Illawarra Ringrose Park Sunday 29th March 3.00pm

Round 5
Manly vs Mounties Brookvale Oval Saturday 4th April 3.15pm
North Sydney vs Canterbury North Sydney Oval Saturday 4th April 3.00pm
Illawarra vs Newcastle WIN Stadium Saturday 4th April 3.00pm
Penrith vs Wests Tigers Sportingbet Stadium Saturday 4th April 3.00pm
Newtown vs Wentworthville Henson Park Saturday 4th April 3.00pm
Wyong vs Warriors Morrie Breen Oval Sunday 5th April 3.00pm

Round 6
Wentworthville vs Canterbury Pirtek Stadium Saturday 11th April 12.45pm
Wyong vs Illawarra Morrie Breen Oval Saturday 11th April 3.00pm
Mounties vs Newcastle Aubrey Keech Reserve Saturday 11th April 3.00pm
Norths vs Newtown North Sydney Oval Saturday 11th April 3.00pm
Warriors vs Wests Tigers Mount Smart Stadium Saturday 11th April 5.15pm NZ Time
Penrith vs Manly Sportingbet Stadium Saturday 11th April 5.15pm

Round 7
Wests Tigers vs Illawarra Leichhardt Oval Saturday 18th April 12.45pm
Norths vs Wyong North Sydney Oval Saturday 18th April 3.00pm
Penrith vs Warriors Sportingbet Stadium Saturday 18th April 3.00pm
Manly vs Canterbury Brookvale Oval Saturday 18th April 3.00pm
Newtown vs Mounties Henson Park Saturday 18th April 3.00pm
Newcastle vs Wentworthville Hunter Stadium Sunday 19th April 11.45am

Round 8
Warriors vs Newtown Mount Smart Stadium Saturday 25th April 11.45am NZ time
Mounties vs Penrith Aubrey Keech Reserve Saturday 25th April 3.00pm
Norths vs Manly North Sydney Oval Sunday 26th April 3.00pm
Illawarra vs Wyong WIN Stadium Saturday 25th April 3.00pm
Newcastle vs Canterbury Newcastle Sports Grd 2 Sunday 26th April 3.00pm
Wentworthville vs Wests Tigers Ringrose Park Sunday 26th April 3.00pm

2nd - 3rd May Stadium Day Time

NSW Cup v QLD Cup Rep Match To be confirmed Sunday 3rd May

Round 9
Mounties vs Canterbury Canberra Stadium Saturday 9th May 12.45pm
Newtown vs Illawarra Henson Park Saturday 9th May 3.00pm
Manly vs Warriors Brookvale Oval Saturday 9th May 3.00pm
Wentworthville vs Penrith Ringrose Park Sunday 10th May 3.00pm
Newcastle vs Norths Newcastle Sports Grd 2 Sunday 10th May 3.00pm
Wyong vs Wests Tigers Morry Breen Oval Sunday 10th May 3.00pm

Round 10
Wentworthville vs Warriors Pirtek Stadium Saturday 16th May 12.45pm
Mounties vs Wyong Aubrey Keech Reserve Saturday 16th May 3.00pm
Canterbury vs Newtown Belmore Sports Grd Saturday 16th May 3.00pm
Newcastle vs Wests Tigers Hunter Stadium Sunday 17th May 1.45pm
Norths vs Penrith North Sydney Oval Sunday 17th May 3.00pm
Manly, Illawarra - BYE

Round 11
Manly vs Illawarra Brookvale Oval Saturday 23rd May 3.00pm
Wests Tigers vs Wyong Campbelltown Stadium Saturday 23rd May 5.15pm
Wentworthville vs Newtown Ringrose Park Sunday 24th May 3.00pm
Penrith, Mounties - BYE
Warriors, Norths - BYE
Newcastle, Canterbury - BYE

Round 12
Wests Tigers vs North Sydney Leichhardt Oval Saturday 30th May 12.45pm
Canterbury vs Mounties Belmore Sports Grd Saturday 30th May 3.00pm
Manly vs Penrith Brookvale Oval Saturday 30th May 3.00pm
Warriors vs Newcastle Mount Smart Stadium Sunday 31st May 11.30am NZ Time
Wyong ,Illawarra - BYE
Wentworthville, Newtown - BYE

Round 13
Newcastle vs Mounties Hunter Stadium Saturday 6th June 12.45pm
Penrith vs Wentworthville Sportingbet Stadium Saturday 6th June 5.15pm
Newtown vs Wyong Henson Park Saturday 6th June 3.00pm
Canterbury vs Warriors Belmore Sports Grd Saturday 6th June 3.00pm
Manly vs Norths Brookvale Oval Saturday 6th June 3.00pm
Illawarra vs Wests Tigers WIN Stadium Saturday 6th June 3.00pm

Round 14
Warriors vs Wyong Mount Smart Stadium Saturday 13th June 5.45pm NZ time
Illawarra vs Newtown Win Stadium Saturday 13th June 3.00pm
Wests Tigers vs Manly Leichhardt Oval Saturday 13th June 3.00pm
Mounties vs Norths Aubrey Keech Reserve Saturday 13th June 3.00pm
Penrith vs Newcastle Sportingbet Stadium Saturday 13th June 3.00pm
Canterbury vs Wentworthville Belmore Sports Ground Saturday 13th June 3.00pm

Round 15
Mounties vs Wentworthville Canberra Stadium Saturday 20th June 12.45pm
Wests Tigers vs Newcastle Leichhardt Oval Saturday 20th June 3.00pm
Manly vs Wyong Brookvale Oval Saturday 20th June 3.00pm
Illawarra, Penrith - BYE
Newtown, Warriors - BYE
Canterbury, Norths - BYE

Round 16
Warriors vs Mounties Mount Smart Stadium Saturday 27th June 2.45pm
Manly vs Newtown Brookvale Oval Saturday 27th June 3.00pm
Illawarra vs Canterbury WIN Stadium Saturday 27th June 3.00pm
Wyong vs Penrith Morry Breen Oval Sunday 28th June 3.00pm
Norths vs Wests Tigers North Sydney Oval Sunday 28th June 3.00pm
Wentworthville vs Newcastle Ringrose Park Sunday 28th June 3.00pm

Round 17
Illawarra vs Wentworthville WIN Stadium Saturday 4th July 5.15pm
Norths vs Mounties North Sydney Oval Sunday 5th July 3.00pm
Newcastle vs Manly Newcastle Sports Grd 2 Sunday 5th July 3.00pm
Penrith, Warriors - BYE
Wests Tigers, Newtown - BYE
Canterbury, Wyong - BYE

Round 18
Penrith vs Wyong Sportingbet Stadium Saturday 11th July 3.15pm
Newtown vs Canterbury Henson Park Saturday 11th July 3.00pm
Manly vs Wests Tigers Brookvale Oval Saturday 11th July 3.00pm
Warriors vs Illawarra Mount Smart Stadium Sunday 12th July 11.45am NZ Time
Newcastle, Mounties - BYE
Wentworthville, Norths - BYE

Round 19
Mounties vs Newtown Canberra Stadium Saturday 18th July 12.45pm
Norths v Wentworthville North Sydney Oval Saturday 18th July 3.00pm
Illawarra vs Warriors WIN Stadium Saturday 18th July 3.00pm
Canterbury vs Penrith Belmore Sports Grd Saturday 18th July 3.00pm
Newcastle vs Wyong Newcastle Sports Grd 2 Sunday 19th July 3.00pm
Manly, Wests Tigers - BYE

Round 20
Warriors vs Manly Mount Smart Stadium Saturday 25th July 2.45pm NZ Time
Canterbury vs Newcastle Belmore Sports Grd Saturday 25th July 3.00pm
Norths vs Illawarra North Sydney Oval Saturday 25th July 3.00pm
Wests Tigers vs Penrith Leichhardt Oval Saturday 25th July 3.00pm
Wyong vs Newtown Morry Breen Oval Sunday 26th July 3.00pm
Wentworthville vs Mounties Ringrose Park Sunday 26th July 3.00pm

Round 21
Newtown vs Warriors Henson Park Saturday 1st August 3.00pm
Illawarra vs Penrith Win Stadium Saturday 1st August 3.00pm
Canterbury vs Norths Belmore Sports Grd Saturday 1st August 3.00pm
Wyong, Wentworthville - BYE
Newcastle, Wests Tigers - BYE
Manly, Mounties - BYE

Round 22
Penrith vs Mounties Sportingbet Stadium Saturday 8th August 3.00pm
Norths vs Warriors North Sydney Oval Saturday 8th August 3.00pm
Wests Tigers vs Newtown Leichhardt Oval Saturday 8th August 3.00pm
Wentworthville vs Manly Ringrose Park Sunday 9th August 3.00pm
Wyong vs Canterbury Morry Breen Oval Sunday 9th August 3.00pm
Newcastle vs Illawarra Newcastle Sports Grd 2 Sunday 9th August 3.00pm

Round 23
Newtown vs Penrith Henson Park Saturday 15th August 3.00pm
Canterbury vs Manly Belmore Sports Grd Saturday 15th August 3.00pm
Wests Tigers vs Warriors Leichhardt Oval Saturday 15th August 3.00pm
Norths vs Newcastle North Sydney Oval Saturday 15th August 3.00pm
Wentworthville vs Wyong Ringrose Park Saturday 15th August 3.00pm
Illawarra vs Mounties WIN Stadium Saturday 15th August 3.00pm

Round 24
Manly vs Wentworthville Brookvale Oval Saturday 22nd August 3.00pm
Newtown vs Newcastle Henson Park Saturday 22nd August 3.00pm
Warriors vs Penrith Mount Smart Stadium Saturday 22nd August 1.00pm NZ time
Mounties vs Wests Tigers Aubrey Keech Reserve Saturday 22nd August 3.00pm
Canterbury v Illawarra Belmore Sports Grd Saturday 22nd August 3.00pm
Wyong v Norths Morry Breen Oval Saturday 22nd August 3.00pm

Round 25
Newtown vs Norths Henson Park Saturday 29th August 3.00pm
Mounties vs Warriors Aubrey Keech Reserve Saturday 29th August 3.00pm
Canterbury vs Wests Tigers Belmore Sports Grd Saturday 29th August 3.00pm
Manly vs Newcastle Brookvale Oval Saturday 29th August 3.00pm
Penrith vs Illawarra Sportingbet Stadium Saturday 29th August 3.00pm
Wyong vs Wentworthville Morry Breen Oval Sunday 30th August 3.00pm

FINALS - Week 1 Stadium Day Time
5th - 6th September
Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 4
Qualifier 5 vs Qualifier 8
Qualifier 6 vs Qualifier 7
Qualifier 2 vs Qualifier 3

Semi Finals
Sunday 13th September
Semi-Final 1
Semi-Final 2

Preliminary Finals
Sunday 20th September
Preliminary Final 1
Preliminary Final 2

NSW Cup Grand Final
Winner P1 vs Winner P2 TBC Sunday 27th Sept

National Championship
NSW Cup vs QLD Cup ANZ Stadium Sunday 4th Oct